Saturday, April 19, 2008

Body inflation

I've stumbled upon some things on lately, a few I never knew there was such a huge interest in to be totally honest, and a lot of the sceptics too, the subject being body inflation!
yes that's what I said, I entered those exact words into google search & the amount of stuff that came up! on the one hand you have the sceptics that say "nobody really blows their body up", to them I say... wrong! it can be seen everywhere from youtube to yahoo 360, but it's true the majority of females into the subject are only facinated with it and last time they were pregnant the took endless photo's of their belly then either themselves or with the help of someone else hit the morphing software & their bellies become massive... I'm not impressed!
But I know belly inflation and female breast inflation is possible, and there is various people on youtube that inflate themselves for real, they don't insert a baloon inside themselves, just a pump of some form, forget the sceptics because it is safe to inflate yourself like a human baloon!

First of all you need a pump, if you don't have one they are easy to get, there are many types, bike pumps are where most inflationist's start out as usually there's one to hand so the pump's already there, bicycle pump's range from small basic frame mounted hand held to high capacity floor standing track pumps, only thing with track pumps is the hose pipe usually doesn't reach your anus from the floor, but can be changed if you can get hold of high pressure hose for a paint spray gun kit & cut about 1.4m (140cm) in length and fit it to the track pump in place of it's original hose, the other thing with track pumps is the regulator/clip on the factory hose, if you remove it, the air velocity can become higher and you can blow your belly up faster but not always, that's pump dependant, though if you use the adaptor supplied for blowing up inflatable pools, airbeds that most track pumps come with, clip it in the end & use some toilet tissue to help plug the hole, tear off around 9 to 10 sheets, lay the paper out flat & then fold it double then the next thing to do is to fold the now only 5 sheets long strip across the middle along the length of it, then wrap it round the matress adaptor (once fitted in the pumps clip), with the hose side of the clip facing forward insert into your anus, as far as you can get it in but just the matress adaptor with the loo paper round it! the loo paper to an extent will stop air escaping when your belly is really quite full of air!

Foot pumps : canvas bag matress inflators are not really foot pumps in my opinion, all they do is blow you up full, but not till fully full, when you start to build up any level of pressure in your belly they either become impossible to push down or the canvas bag pops or the sealing rings come off!
Car tyre foot pumps are the best way to blow yourself up by foot, though I reccomend them for experienced people only as they can blow you up really fast, and they will blow your belly up bigger than bike pumps or aquarium pumps with great ease, the risk of your belly popping is higher, I saw video's from germany in 2006 on a website that doesn't exist anymore, where I saw a guy with a 46" waist have his belly inflated to 93", his wife was working the pumps, 2x 2 cylinder foot pumps were used & he blew up in a mere 3 minutes, but it takes a while to be able to go that big, takes years.

Aquarium pumps : The air pumps that feed the air to the under gravel air filters that you sit behind the tank, they can be used to blow yourself up too, the higher the wattage, the faster you inflate! you can either sit back or lay back on the bed with the tube inserted into your anus, and then switch on & up you go!
Now... to the more important things for those who've never did it & are thinking about it...
Whatever you do never let yourself fall asleep with an aquarium pump hooked up to your body as it may burst you open eventually if your anus is really well plugged & there's nobody to switch it off! the important thing with the aquarium pumps is be fully awake when you do it & you're o.k.

Attention girls!
Female breast inflation, usually done through the nipples by inserting the bike pump in with the ball needle adaptor fitted and pumping up the breasts untill they become bigger, female belly inflation with most women can be done by either inserting the pump into the anus or the vagina, vagina you may ask? this is a favourite of all the anti-inflation sceptics too...

Inflation of the female belly can be done via the vagina too, no baloon is needed in most cases, women who are on the pill should have no bother doing it this way, I've been talking to 3 gynacoligists on this subject, the information I have gathered tells me, when the uterus expands when pregnant, the tubes are closed off as soon as the belly starts to expand (when your jeans get really tight girls when you're pregnant), however gynacoligists that talked to also said belly inflation either hole when pregnant could cause a miscarriage so if you're banged up don't do it!
What they did tell me about vaginal belly inflation though is that only 1 in 50 women should experience their ovaries being blown up untill they get really sore, like pregnancy, when the uterus inflates with water or air, a small amount will go right up but will be shut off & the uterus will inflate, women on the pill that stop ovulation completely that is available in europe, uk, australia/NZ and russia will make this happen quicker as the opening to your tubes will be smaller if you are not ovulating at all, but if you feel your ovaries blowing up when you are pumping yourself up vaginally, fasten an overtightened belt around your waist, as tight as you can stand it, pull the front of your belly down once the belt is fastened really tight till your naval is approx 3" to 4" below the belt (just the front of your belly!)...
Next... insert the pump into your vagina, keeping your legs closed tight and pump your belly up till you have a tight feeling then let the belt go, keeping the pump in place in your vagina, then start to pump yourself up even more, your tubes should be closed off & you should start to look like you are pregnant as the bulge will come from that end, you'll know when to stop when you reach your limit, you can still put the pump into your anus afterwards and pump yourself up more from there.
I know a girl that does it and it's not a fantasy!

Common question we ask ourselves when it get's a little sore are... have I overdone it?
If you are a little sore (all of us) it's mainly muscle cramp, can be caused if the stomach muscles are tight, massaging your belly helps in most cases, you would know the difference between sore and pain, I've never been in pain, but have been to the point that my belly has expanded 4" from inflation, though if the hole you insert your pump into isn't airtight (isn't plugged tight) when you get some belly pressure up & you're just about to expand the air starts hissing out when you push the pump down, that doesn't mean you're at your limit yet, getting soreness from stomach cramp also doesn't mean that either, sometimes you've just got to ignore the cramp soreness & push yourself that bit more to go bigger...
Pump yourself up as often as you can, try to at least get your belly really tight if you don't expand take your own time, if you want to get huge it will take time, women can go bigger faster than men if they've had kids in the past, and you will know your limit.

The infation scene from scream bloody murder may be fake, the blonde with the hose from the car exhaust taped to her mouth? for any man or woman to inflate to that size or slightly bigger is possible but it would take years to get that big! if you're 20 now you'll be at least 37 or 38 when you get there!

And if your belly was to pop like a baloon being over inflated to bursting point, you would hear a loud bang when it goes, if the story in the papers back in 1999 was true, a petrol station attendant in england heard a loud bang when a guy put the hose from the high pressure tyre inflator up his arse then put money in the slot and his belly went up like a baloon on a kids mouth and just burst with a loud bang, splatting him everywhere (it may have been scotland), but anyone using bike, foot or aquarium pumps, or even water won't go bang! don't worry!! we all know when we've taken enough on!


Marion said...

Wow, your blog is the most informative posting I have found anywhere.
There seems to be a lot of negative reporting about real belly inflating on the web.
I have inflated for a few weeks and have not really been sure if it is safe.
I use a foot pump or a small aquarium pump which takes about 5 minutes to reach the stage where I have to stop.
I have not managed a tight belly so far, probably due to nervous about it.

Now I will try to reach that point.
Have you tried whipped cream inflation, that is for my next session, I saw a video on the web using a whole 500mg tube of cream.

I now have to wait until I am alone to try that.

Inflategrl said...

Hi! Excuse my answer,but i'm not sure that inflate the female belly with air in her uterus is possible.
You have written that a girl that you know inflate her uterus wit an air pump.It can be,but i have always known that is dangerous and deadly for hembolysm.
You have seen personally that one inflate her in the uterus?
Excuse me again but i don't have clear ideas on this argument.

Ebony Griffiths said...


crayzeedude said...

wow! im impressed!

zed said...

Air inflation through the vagina or uterus is dangerous and potentially fatal. Full stop. No questions asked.
Clearly, whoever told you otherwise has no experience or knowledge in the matter! It is dangerous and can kill!

Silvia Jacinto said...

I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.

Unknown said...

Do you now of its go away a air onflation???? And how long does it take